Enter Cascade Leadership. Like a waterfall, we start with the top of the organization and build leadership and management momentum that “cascades” to the larger organization. We work with leaders, their teams and internal consultants and coaches to design leadership solutions that flow throughout and transform organizations.

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Turning journeys of a 1,000 miles into executable steps.


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Cascading lessons throughout the organization.

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A Few Testimonials from Cascade Leadership Clients

  • Shannon’s award winning and integrated approach to leadership development sets the bar for leadership coaching programs.  Her work has been featured in several professional publications including Best Practices in Talent Management and has been recognized with the International Coach Federation’s PRISM Award for Washington State.  Experienced in multiple coaching modalities herself, Shannon collaborates with coaches and leaders to introduce innovative approaches to creating lasting behavioral change.

    Brian Underhill, Ph.D., Founder and CEO at CoachSource LLC

  • Shannon has provided the most impactful professional development I have received to date.  Many people fear that they will not reach their potential. Shannon’s insight, knowledge, and expertise will make sure you get pretty close. Shannon’s instruction has helped re-energize and catalyze positive change over our entire organization.  The tools she equipped me with are absolutely foundational to my career success as well as life, allowing me to understand how I work, how I interact with others, and how to maximize my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. Her training sessions are incredibly eye-opening and immediately impactful in the workplace: teaching you key tools and strategies to understand yourself and your colleagues by the end of the day.

    Howard Kang, Marketing Director, United Planet

  • Time and again, Shannon has demonstrated deep expertise and creativity in helping equip leaders to successfully address the tough organizational and business challenges they face. She has led teams that developed and delivered award-winning, large-scale leadership development programs touching many hundreds of leaders located all around the world. And she has been equally effective as a trusted executive coaching to senior-level business leaders running multi-billion dollar businesses. Shannon is a person of tremendous honesty and integrity, never hesitating to surface and confront tough problems and issues. She is also a wonderful partner and collaborator, widely known and respected for her commitment to helping others learn and succeed.

    Jeff McHenry, Rainier Leadership Solutions

  • Shannon is a truly gifted consultant and speaker.  Whether she is giving the opening keynote at a major conference or leading a workshop with a senior leadership team, participants walk away thinking bigger and thinking better.  Shannon is that rare consultant with the skills and experience that both pull executives higher to envision what is possible, and push them forward with a strategic, actionable plan to deliver real results.

    Julie Maloney, Associate Director, Americas Talent Team, EY

  • Shannon has an uncommon ability to stimulate breakthrough strategic thinking and manage high-level conversations even among the most senior of executives. Her deep understanding of the theories and science of organizational dynamics, blended with her natural intuitive understanding, make her a powerful trusted adviser for any leader.

    Kaihan Krippendorff, CEO, Outthinker

  • As a leadership coach, Shannon has journeyed with me through the challenging process of launching a new program.  The most helpful coaching moments for me have been when she has heard the angst in my voice, and asked me to pause and get in touch with what was really going on.  She slowed me down and helped me see beyond surface issues to the deeper, underlying currents – allowing for more sustainable solutions.  By attending to both me as a person and leader, and to the program I have been responsible for beginning – she helped me make connections, increase my capacity to ask others for support, and develop a program that is moving into its fifth year!  She has known when to challenge me, and when to stop and listen to my struggles.  She has named things I could not see because I am so close to the work, and helped me develop a structure and framework for what we are trying to accomplish.  I am so grateful for her coaching support!

    Kara King, Program Director, Nuestos Pequeños Hermanos™

  • Shannon is an experienced trainer who tailors all of her work to the organization’s specific situation.  She has a wealth of knowledge in her field and is able to assess her client’s needs quickly and offer relevant and helpful suggestions and feedback.  Her support to improve our volunteer training program yielded great results and has made the training more effective for our volunteers.  Her work with our team on leadership training has brought us closer together and allowed each one of us to grow individually in our roles in the organization.  We enjoy working with her!

    Theresa Higgs, VP Global Operations, United Planet

  • Shannon Wallis’ ability to expediently identify the needs of our team was extraordinary. She did an excellent job of creating a program that addressed our weaknesses and supported our evolution to a stronger team. A strong and effective team is the foundation we required to effectively lead the rest of the organization in our transformation. In addition to the team training, Shannon provided individual coaching to our leadership. The impact is very positive and visible.

    Silvia Ahmed, Sr. Director Quality Assurance, EMC

  • “Shannon transformed our leadership team and made us better communicators and better leaders — equipped to work together in a volatile world. Shannon also offered us individual coaching to bring out our fullest capabilities. The organization is only as strong as the team.  Shannon has enabled us to build a very strong team and organization as a direct result of her leadership training and coaching. The results have been nothing short of profound.”

    Dave Santulli, Founder and Executive Director, United Planet

  • “Shannon Wallis is the consummate ‘Guide on the Side.’  She is a credible and commanding coach, facilitator, and consultant. The depth and breadth of her expertise affords agility to deliver extraordinary results across complex situations, diverse stakeholders, and various business needs.  She is a strategic thinker with an eye to pragmatic implementation. The dynamic combination leads to radical simplification of complex challenges with thoughtful execution plans.  Most importantly, her respectful candor affords a reliable, insightful, and supportive partner that you trust to tell you everything.”

    Jessica Amortegui, Sr. Director Learning & Development, Logitech

  • “Shannon’s work with the Leadership Acceleration Program for my organization proved to be a very solid foundation for paving the growth and career path for our next leaders. Her ability to understand and combine the strategic goals of the organization with the growth needs of each individual as well as of the combined team, was a successful formula in supporting them discover and reach their goals. The models and themes Shannon designed for the program were fully integrated throughout the workshops’ deliveries and reinforced in all facets of the overall program. Shannon’s brilliant idea to create opportunities for the business leaders to connect with the participants made the program that much more unique, effective and a great experience for everyone. I highly recommend Shannon as a Leadership Development & Organizational Consultant, her natural talent to take complex thoughts and translate them into meaningful experiences that deliver targeted results compliments her amazing skills and experiences and makes her a truly joy to work with.”

    Gilmere Vieira, MBA, PMP®, Business Manager at Microsoft