Executive Coaching

Build your capability to lead, especially through ambiguous challenges.

Our goal is to create sustainable mindset and behavioral shifts that enable leaders to lead at their best and engage others to perform at their best.


Some areas of focus in our coaching:

  • High potential employees, providing coherent analysis of their strengths and areas of growth
  • Leaders in transition, whether personal or organizational
  • Leaders in non-profit organizations, discussing their unique challenges and stresses
  • Younger professionals, providing concrete guidance and development to round out their education
  • Leadership teams, focusing on how their skills complement each other.

Our coaching programs are custom-designed for the challenges of each leader, team, and organization, and are grounded in leadership models and proven practices. We begin a coaching program with a client by collaboratively outlining concrete objectives.  These objectives guide the program to ensure quantifiable progress.

Cascade Coaching Approach

Coaching is a mutual learning partnership designed to help individuals identify, clarify, and close the gap between their current reality and aspirations or full potential.  The gap provides the “creative tension” and energy for coaching.  In coaching, individuals enhance their awareness, engagement and execution skills which lead to improved results in their relationships and accomplishments. 


Creation of a confidential, effective, respectful relationship


Clarity and full focus on fulfilling well-defined goals


As both the process and key outcome of the coaching


To translate learning into aspired outcomes

We use four integrative leadership dimensions to create sustainable change that lasts beyond the coaching work.

Expanded Mindsets

For greater self-awareness, adaptability, and self-management

Enhanced Execution Skills

To achieve goals and drive business results

Increased Emotional Intelligence 

And engagement skills to build more effective relationships

Developed Structures and Habits

To anchor and support behavioral change over time



Cascade Leadership Package

Our standard coaching package includes 360 assessment, the writing of a coaching action plan, and up to six months of coaching. This enables our clients to improve their awareness, engagement, and execution and leads to improved results in their relationships and accomplishments. 

Typically, we meet twice per month for six months.  This is considered “best practice” for  developmental coaching of leaders.  Coaching sessions are conducted by video conference or in person.  Creation of a Coaching Action Plan provides a roadmap by including the goals, action steps, and target dates that the individual can take to develop as a leader. 

The day-to-day experience and concerns of our clients provides the forum for learning. The starting point is to identify and clarify the gap between clients’ current reality and aspirations or full potential. This is the “creative tension” that provides the energy for the coaching. Progress comes from developing insights that are translated into new approaches and behaviors. Often this requires identifying and dissolving habitual, obsolete patterns of thought and engagement that are no longer useful.  

Our confidential coaching sessions include one or more of the following: 

  • Qualitative feedback from interviews with seniors, peers, and other stakeholders 
  • Feedback from a 360-leader assessment tool such as The Leadership Circle™ 
  • Information from personality/preferences/styles assessment tools including Hogan Assessments, Keirsey Temperament Sorter, HBDI, or Core Values Index 
  • Writing of a Coaching Action Plan that identifies specific learning goals and anchors insights from qualitative and assessment tool feedback 
  • Experiential learning events and practices