Leadership and management “cascade” from the top of an organization throughout.  We work with leaders at all levels to ensure that the cascade is effective by helping them strengthen their skills for the benefit of their entire organization.

Our goal is to build a leader’s capability to lead their team, especially through ambiguous challenges.

Some areas of focus in our coaching:

  • High potential employees, providing coherent analysis of their strengths and areas of growth;
  • Leaders in transition, whether personal or organizational;
  • Leaders in non-profit organizations, discussing their unique challenges and stresses;
  • Younger professionals, providing concrete guidance and development to round out their education;
  • Leadership teams, focusing on how their skills complement each other.

Our coaching programs are custom designed for the challenges of each leader, team, and organization, and are grounded in leadership models and proven practices. We begin a coaching program with a client by collaboratively outlining concrete objectives.  These objectives guide the program to ensure quantifiable progress.


Case Study from a Cascade Leadership Client

“Shannon has provided the most impactful professional development I have received to date.

Many people fear that they will not reach their potential. Shannon’s insight, knowledge, and expertise will make sure you get pretty close.

Shannon’s instruction has helped re-energize and catalyze positive change over our entire organization.

The tools she equipped me with are absolutely foundational to my career success as well as life, allowing me to understand how I work, how I interact with others, and how to maximize my strengths and overcome my weaknesses.

Her training sessions are incredibly eye-opening and immediately impactful in the workplace: teaching you key tools and strategies to understand yourself and your colleagues by the end of the day.

A specific example:

During one coaching session with Shannon we began discussing a few of my difficulties and stresses at work. From that we discovered a key organizational issue that I had not been addressing that served a main inflection point of the organization. Without realizing the issue the organization could have continued to slide into declining performance, but Shannon helped me discover the proper solution to right the ship. Our organization now is on the path to the healthiest it has been in a long time thank to Shannon’s work.

On personal growth:

Shannon strives to set an open environment and insightfully helps air fundamental areas core to performance, understanding, and emotional intelligence. Her presence is incredibly supportive, never judgmental, and she navigates difficult issues with tact while helping guide you to long-term solutions and change. I am so happy I’ve been able to take her lessons and continue to learn and improve in my career and in my life.”

Howard Kang, Marketing Director, United Planet
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