boat crewCascade Leadership has developed solutions to common challenges across organizations and distilled them into effective, powerful workshops and keynotes. We customize and adapt our core content, frameworks and tools to meet the business needs and applications of our clients.  Learning formats vary from 1, 2 and 3 day programs to year-long programs that integrate a wide range of learning experiences and content.  We often use experiential exercises in conjunction with assessment tool debriefs such as the The Leadership Circle 360 to deepen learning.  In this way we maintain an essential thread of stimulating the expansion of mindsets and emotional intelligence as foundational dimensions to build leader character and effectiveness.

Some of our workshop offerings include:

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Cascade Your Leadership is a one-day program that helps groups to create the opportunity for total alignment through purpose, vision, and values in their work environment.  It teaches the basic technical and managerial competencies widely used in Learning Organization settings to encourage personal, team and organizational success in business.

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Buen Camino, translated as Good Journey, is a one-day program to help leaders and managers lead transformational change initiatives that inspire, uplift, and empower employees. Based on lessons learned along the path of Shannon’s 500 mile journey across northern Spain, leaders “walk the medieval path” to transformation by learning to define the destination (design inspiring messages), invite others (identify “Change Champions”), find the yellow arrows (build implementation plans), and pack light (let go of ways that no longer serve the organization) .

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Productive Conversations is a one-day program that helps participants communicate more effectively with leaders, peers, and subordinates in their organization. It will teach the basic technical and managerial competencies and the communication tools widely used in Learning Organization settings to encourage personal, team, and organization success in addressing business challenges. It will also incorporate recent literature on the subject from leading business thinkers to teach the importance of communication to achieve business objectives. This course can be supplemented with executive coaching on an individual basis.

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The Art of Coaching is a two-day program that helps managers to more effectively develop their employees.  Participants learn the important difference between coaching and feedback, and how to use coaching in their organizations.  It will teach the basic tools and required skills of effective coaching to encourage personal, team and organizational success in business.

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Outthinker is a one-day program that enables leaders to reach strategic clarity along multiple dimensions by defining creative growth strategies through a five-stage process (IDEAS). Drawing on the study of hundreds of history’s most innovative strategic thinkers and competitive companies, it shows that businesses can unlock breakthrough growth when a team collaborates to make seemingly minor innovative choices – “fourth options” — that make it difficult for competitors to respond effectively.

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UP Your Leadership is a one week immersive international corporate volunteering program designed to develop the competencies required to be a global leader. Set in an emerging market and delivered in partnership with United Planet, leaders will work for one week with local NGOs on an urgent and important business challenge and learn from executives and government leaders in those markets, global thought leaders in the field of leadership development, and each other. The immersive experience compresses the learning curve and enables leaders to build a greater global perspective, understand the challenges and opportunities inherent to emerging markets, and demonstrate a commitment to corporate citizenship. It teaches skills necessary to strengthening employee engagement and solve complex business problems in ambiguous situations.

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Looking for greater detail on our Workshops? Have a question on how these can be customized for your organization?

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