The ability of an organization to work together effectively through times of change will ultimately determine its longevity. Due to the wide variety of internal and external circumstances an organization may be facing, our approach to supporting change is consultative.  Cascade Leadership works with all size organizations to enact change, develop leaders, and improve team effectiveness, through proven methods.

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Every client and team is different, and we work with them to build on their individual strengths. We partner with our clients to create solutions that specifically address their needs and challenges.  Our experience and training gives us the flexibility to pull from a myriad of tools in our box to create a custom solution.

Organizational Change

  • Strategy & Execution: Facilitating definition and achievement
  • Change Acceleration: Imbedding tools of transformation
  • Organizing for Collaboration: Designing simplicity into complex organizations
  • Measurement Systems: Aligning measurement systems to strategy, roles and responsibilities

Leadership Development

  • Inspiring communication: Inspiring alignment and action through communication
  • Employee engagement: Creating greater impact by unleashing latent potential in employees
  • Decision making: Establishing criteria and processes for sound decision making
  • Emotional Intelligence: Managing emotional reactivity
  • High Potential Development: Designing large scale learning experiences that are unique, engaging and have broad impact

Team Effectiveness

  • Productive Conversations: Enabling productive conversations about difficult topics
  • Virtual Teams: Forging and managing virtual teams
  • Governance Structures: Constructing meeting governance structures that ensure alignment
  • Partnership and Collaboration: Creating greater partnership and collaboration

Our experience with companies worldwide gives us the know-how to implement the program you need.  

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